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I dont know about you but I like my firearms loaded. Would hate to have to ask for a quick time out during a gun fight to get my firearm ready!
Thats why we created the buffer tube mount for AR-15s. This design allows vertical storage of your AR-15 by using the buffer tube instead of the mag well as the anchor point. That way you can keep your mags in and firearm ready for a grab and go situation. The Bi-directional design allows storage in either direction so you can have it set up wherever and however you like. Keep your rifle ready in the bedroom, office, bathroom, kitchen, front door, wherever you are be ready.

Compact, Simple, and Over-Built.


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*Firearm Safety is Paramount and Ready Mounts are not intended to replace proper firearm safety*

DO NOT Store your firearms chambered 

DO NOT mount your firearms in a way that someone can walk in front of the barrel

DO NOT mount your firearms so they are accessible to minors or anyone prohibited from accessing a firearm

DO NOT mount your firearms and Ammunition in an unsecured manner

By purchasing and using the Ready Mount Systems you agree to 43rd State Armory LLC will not be held liable for injury or damage to persons or property resulting from the misuse or faulty installation of the product, or for improperly following the rules of firearm safety.


We designed this mount to keep you ready for whatever life throws at you. No need to waste precious seconds finding and loading mags this buffer tube mount allows you to keep a mag in your AR
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